Wi-Fi Solutions

Does your hotel, guest house or historic home struggle to keep up with guests’ Wi-Fi demands? We design fast bespoke quality Wi-Fi solutions for businesses, hotels, campsites, B&Bs, events, offices and large homes in Inverness and across the Highlands.

Installing an enhanced scalable wireless solution will speed up your internet for your guests, staff and visitors, and take your network into the future with the opportunity of communicating more to your customers with exciting loyalty marketing services.

When you choose MOMENTUM Tech Solutions to install Wi-Fi you’ll receive;

  • a high-quality installation
  • a bespoke system that meets your needs
  • ongoing maintenance to keep your system in peak condition
  • exceptional aftersales service – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • rapid response in emergencies
  • improve guest experience, increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • free Wi-Fi for events depending on qualification
  • Special Offer - DIY-Smart Wi-Fi Access Point £139.99

Not only coverage but also capacity

The byword for Wi-Fi these days isn't coverage but capacity. Imagine you own a campsite or a hotel, and lots of concurrent users are accessing your internet connection, perhaps they're catching up with Doctor Who on iPlayer? Your service needs to have the connection capacity to withstand considerable demand on your bandwidth. No point advertising free Wi-Fi if your customers can't take advantage of it.

Wi-Fi Network
Your Wi-Fi can easily get swamped with demand

Our Wi-Fi solutions are aimed at businesses, hotels, campsites, B&Bs, events, offices and large homes, providing fast and inexpensive "wireless bridge infrastructures" designed to span roads, farms, lochs and glens.

Wi-Fi site survey and design

Whatever your particular circumstances, we always begin with a site survey, also known as an RF survey (RF stands for Radio Frequency). The survey helps us to identify your exact needs so we can design your wireless network properly. With the ever increasing number of swamping Wi-Fi devices, congestion becomes a major issue, and the demand for a stronger, faster connection that provides a larger and more robust capacity is key.

Our wireless design will be provided to you based on the RF survey and will ensure the following vital items are covered:

  • coverage
  • capacity
  • security
  • redundancy

Our design will take into account your existing network and future demands. We always recommend solutions that are appropriate and scalable for the future.

Indoor Wi-Fi

Are there areas in your property that can't pick up the Wi-Fi? We build tailored indoor wireless networks to suit your building layout and construction; from a small home to a large office, we have solutions to suit.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

We've been installing an increasing number of outdoor solutions in recent years. Hotels, campsites, B&Bs and outdoor events (like music festivals) want to extend their internet access to the furthest outreaches of their properties. We provide a wireless signal outdoors using high powered Wi-Fi access points that offer larger range and coverage.

Wi-Fi Network
Campsite with mesh wireless solution


Not sure what you need? Give us a call on 01349 865008 or drop into the shop and we'll be happy to chat, without obligation, about the best options for your particular needs

Best wireless technology solution

We specialise in wireless and mobile solutions. As an independent company with years of experience and industry knowledge, we always work closely with clients to understand their business needs, so we can provide the right solution at the right cost (based on scalability and complexity level). Some of the solutions we provide include:

Point to point wireless

Point to point wireless network provides a network connection between two locations. Network speeds range from 100Mbps up to 4Gbps. You would use this when connecting two office buildings or replacing expensive fibre or old slow leased lines.

Point to multipoint wireless

Point to multipoint wireless network connects more than one location to one or more central hubs, like a megaphone idea. You can access speeds of 100Mbps up to 4Gbps.


Mesh solutions are perfect for large outdoor areas where cabling is not available, like an outside shopping centre or caravan park. The wireless nodes connect scalably and fault tolerantly to other nodes creating one seamless, tough Wi-Fi network.

Wireless bridges

A wireless bridge connects two wired networks together over Wi-Fi. The bridge connects to the internet and passes it onto the connected devices. eg CCTV Farmhouse to livestock barn.

Wireless bridge on a farm
Wireless bridge connecting a farm house with livestock barn over main road

Wi-Fi access points

Access Points are basically designed to increase system capacity, extend coverage, fill in areas of low or blocked signals caused by obstructions and bridge wirelessly to a remote site.

Wi-Fi repeaters

Cheap and are to be avoided if possible, by their nature they halve your good Wi-Fi speed and also cause extra Wi-Fi stress and contention, then they try and send half of it out to users, very problematic.

Increase your business with loyal Momentum Wi-Fi 

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How we work

We have partnered with quality Wi-Fi manufacturers who specialise in robustly connecting wirelessly to the internet 24/7. We provide customers with solutions that are appropriate, affordable, effective and efficient.

Getting connected can be hard, that's where we can help. Call on 01349 865008 for free advice


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