Stardust - Sing Loud for Cancer

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My friend, Alan Greer from Nairn, is making a music CD to raise funds to help beat cancer.

We are all hoping that this cd track is going to go viral when it launches on iTunes and so I have joined many others in helping to promote it and create a brief video of support.

We are fully supporting this great cause and hope we can help the project to get into the top 40 iTunes downloads when it launches!

Here is a little more info about the project.

Our project is called "Stardust" - our song for cancer. We hope to raise as much money and awareness as we can for the cause. Cancer doesn't discriminate and affects so many people. We all have our own feelings and coping mechanisms and express them in different ways but every way is right and true to that individual person. We hope the diverse styles and ranges in the song reflect that.

For more information or to add your support please visit their Facebook page.


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