Beauly has Momentum 15 x HD CCTV



Duncan Fraser, Bridgend Service Station, Beauly


Station Rd, Beauly IV4 7EH

Our challenge

Our initial task here was to supply a preconfigured CCTV System, to cover Petrol Station Forecourt, new Shop, new Post Office and new Laundrette.

Our solution

Although the infrastructure cabling for the CCTV system was initially going to be done by developers, we were also requested to carry out this work. We re-scheduled our time and started with the longest runs which were about 30M to the external 3 number plate fore court cameras. We started by constructing a multi cable feeding system in the main office, these feeds were pulled through attic spaces above the new laundrette, through underground piping into the adjoining shop building and then around the building to the far-off camera positions placed on a mast in front of the Petrol pumps. Camera's installed here focused on number plates in each of the lanes. A further wide angled external camera was sited for surveillance of forecourt supplies and shop access. We also networked the new laundry and office accounts computers to the old shop data network, to allow for the accounts of the business to quickly get back online. Then further cable runs where fed through to the new shop and post office with several appropriate cameras and trunking installed. The new large laundry below the office had cabling and appropriate cameras installed. The recording unit and monitoring screen were both cosmetically flat wall mounted providing security, ease of access and tidier cabling. The 15 x HD Camera System Video feeds where then distributed down RJ45 cable to a duplicate 360-degree monitor above and between the two shop tills.

cctv inverness

Client feedback

I met with Gordon for an initial CCTV survey and I was happy with the service we received. Since the install we have caught several incidents on camera with the Police saying "these pictures are the clearest pictures we have ever seen"

Duncan Fraser

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