CCTV Assault - Police no charges

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My son injured - Scottish Police do nothing?

Please, please, please kindly sign the easy petition by Clicking Here.

Reference - Momentum Police Complaint letter of 9th August 2011 emailed to our customers.

This incident happened at our Momentum's Registered Office and Home, many thanks Police as this is what got me into CCTV.

As a Scottish Commando Veteran, I kindly ask if you could help my family by signing my sons petition (ex RN).


He was injured in an assault on CCTV and the Scottish Police did nothing - it would be kindly very, very much appreciated - (the witness photo is of my shocked elderly parents father El Alemein Veteran and Highland Justice of the Peace after the assault both sadly deceased 2014).

Please kindly sign the petition by Clicking Here.

I also served in the Military 1974-83 and fought in the Falklands for JUSTICE.

THANK YOU - Watch the Assault CCTV Video

Please kindly sign the petition by Clicking Here.


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