The iPad Air... light and fast!

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You can grab one of these beauties for only half the original price. Yes, only HALF: £249!

Everyone loves the iPad Air. It’s light, and fast.

But guess what?

Right now, it’s also CHEAP!

Don’t tell anyone. . . but we are selling these for just £249.

Yup. £249. Unbelievable, isn’t it? :-)

Just £249. And you can take it everywhere. Watch movies, read books, check email, post on Facebook. You name it.

We got our hands on a limited number of ex-display iPad Airs.

And when I say a “limited number” – I mean limited. Like 10.

These are gonna be gone fast. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you’ve always wanted one but couldn’t justify the £499 price tag, today’s your lucky day.

You can grab one of these at HALF the original price. HALF!! Only £249!

If you want me to save you one, drop me an email or buy one online. But hurry.

PS: We’ll even throw in a charging lead. You can collect your iPad Air from the store.

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