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Computer Repair Inverness

Computer Repair Inverness

in Computers

Computer repair in Inverness and surrounding areas. We fix all types of computer - PC, Mac, Laptops and Tablets. Friendly and speedy service

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16GB  iPad 2

Win a 16GB iPad 2

in Prize Draw

Our monthly free prize draw: win a 16GB iPad 2 from Momentum Solutions in Dingwall.

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Caley Bar - Momentum Highland CCTV


How do you provide CCTV for a Hotel Bar? Here's how...

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WiFi Deal for B&Bs and Guest Houses

in Wi-Fi

Secure your guest WiFi to ensure no one can access your router or your local computers or network.

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Mill 'n' Mix farm

A full service for local farming business Mill 'n' Mix

in Case Studies

Successful farms have no choice but to embrace technology as part of their production process. Mill 'n' Mix are no different, they use CCTV with remote monitoring, IP phones and Wi-Fi.

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